Novant Capital Group

Private Equity         Investment Banking

Novant Capital Group. specializes in business services, technology and manufacturing companies. Our Investment team is greatly experienced in working closely with business owners, entrepreneurs, and financial institutions. We understand the challenges business owners and entrepreneur overcome every day.

At Novant Capital Group we partner with exceptional management teams. Our management teams help create value and they share that value through their focused strategic approach to every investment.

Support and Operations:

Here are the resources that we provide to our management partners to build very successful enterprises:

  • Direction We support in setting a strategic direction for the enterprise. We help set the goals and suggest strategies to reach those goals.

  • Operations and Management Optimize the operations.

  • Corporate Growth We identify acquisition targets, negotiate the acquisition, and oversee the due diligence.

  • Finance We finance the continued profitable growth.We also use our vast network of attorneys, accountants, consultants and bankers to provide access to a wealth of acquisition candidates.

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